St. George Chapter

We are students focused ministry, mainly serve the U of T (St.George Campus), Ryerson students.

Now we are studying “Book of Genesis”

Every Sunday 11:00am

Singspiration, Message, Fellowship with lunch.

Programs (Weekly Schedule)

  • Worship Service
  • 1:1 Bible Study
  • Group Bible Study
  • In-depth Bible Study

Place : Walking distance from U of T Campus (near Spadina Station) Map


St. George UBF Vision Statement

We aim to cultivate a community of love and acceptance with the common goal of encouraging and helping each other to know Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and make him known. We are committed to obeying Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations.

Action plan

-give students and new members opportunity to connect with one another
-each may share testimonies and reflections
-participate in outreach events
-weekly bible study
-involvement in praise and worship
-each may grow as a Bible teacher
-each may participate in preparing lunch and cleaning Bible center
-pray to be a 120 member church