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Worship Service 11:00 am every Sunday.
We are currently studying the book of Genesis.
We are a student-friendly ministry and we offer in-depth Bible study.

Come join us!

U.B.F. emphasizes one-to-one Bible study.
One who has studied a lesson or a passage prepares by prayer and personal study, then he/she invites another student to study the Bible with him/her.
They agree on a mutually convenient place and time, using prepared Bible study question sheets and read and discuss the Bible passage together.
They seek to understand the message of the passage, pray together and encourage each other to apply the Bible teaching to personal life.
After each Bible study, students are encouraged to write their own testimonies about what they have learned.
By writing a testimony, the word of God can be planted in their hearts.
*Most UBF chapters have a Bible house or center where students come for prayer, Bible study and worship

– 40 Sunday worship service attendants and 40 1 to 1 Bible studies a week
– Small groups
– Fellowship leaders, Sam, Sheila, Calvin, Wah Paw may grow as good shepherds.

Special Prayer Topic

Let’s pray for

-Raising 100,000 Bible teachers and missionaries through one-to-one Bible study and discipleship ministry;

-Evangelization of all 7,000 major campuses of the world in this generation.

Pray for
All leaders in our ministry continually fix our eyes on Jesus so that we may grow to bear the image of the Good Shepherd Jesus;
All leaders raise disciples as Jesus raised his disciples by showing them his own example and teaching them God’s word of truth;

God raises thousands of missionaries, both young and old, from USA/Canada and UBF worldwide and sends them out to the ends of the earth.

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